Where Messiah Is King


The Binghamtown Baptist Church through Gateway Broadcasting  Corporation purchased WMIK-AM and WMIK-FM in October 1992. Both stations  continue to serve the Cumberland Gap region twenty four hours a day with a variety of conservative religious programming, a mixture of local and nationally known ministers, Southern Gospel music, and local programming. WMIK-FM's news source is the Salem Radio Network (SRN). 

WMIK-FM was granted a construction permit for a power increase in March 2011 by the Federal Communications Commission and has increased power to 350 watts ERP with antenna 410 meters height above average terrain.  The change now equates WMIK-FM to a Class A, 6000 watt facility. The  stations transmitter site is atop White Oak Spur, the highest point in  Bell County Kentucky. WMIK-FM is located in the landmark 1948 studios on  North 19th Street in Middlesboro